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bullets with a flatter trajectory. In 2018, Federal unveiled its own offering, the .224 Valkyrie, which was essentially built around a long, sleek, high-B.C. By contrast, .223 Remington tends to produce lower chamber pressures between 52,000 and 55,000 psi, going by SAAMI specs. Mag. If other ammo makers start loading for the .300 HAM’R, its popularity could quickly grow. It had a 26" fluted barrel. Comes with Warner Scope mounts (Attached), 100 unfired 224 WM Norma cases and Forster reloading dies. Cartridge Type: Rifle Height: 1.92" Width: 0.429" Average FPS: 3650 Average Energy: 1627 Average Gr: 55 Recoil: 0.9 Power Rank: 2.01 of 20 Originally called the Weatherby Varmintmaster, the .224 Weatherby Magnum was designed in1963 by Roy Weatherby after almost a decade of research. If you think it is over pressure ALWAYS lower the charge. Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m/s Velocity fps; Norma 201: Max 30.4 Min 28.0: 1062 968: 3484 3176: Norma 202: Max 31.5 Min 30.0: 1078 1008: 3537 3307 The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Rifles. Although it has no parent case the .224was designed to be a scaled down version of the .300 Weatherby. bullets of similar weight and is less impacted by wind. Our stock is Delux grade high gloss finish W/ a rosewood forearm tip. Instead, it had a rebated rim and a large body diameter with little taper and a 35-degree shoulder to increase capacity and boost 6.5mm bullet velocities to satisfy Weatherby loyalists’ need for speed. bullets. Initial factory loads include a 150-grain AccuBond and a 165-grain AccuBond Long Range. Currently many states in the United States do allow 22 caliber rifles on big game, but the majority require a minimum of 6mm. Store. and is the fastest straight-walled cartridge. The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges. All Right Reserved. As a varmint cartridge, the .224 Weatherby Magnum will hold its own in the presence of the .225 Winchester and .22-250 and its performance is only slightly shy of that of the .220 Swift. There’s also a growing number of available factory loads in 6mm Creedmoor. First came the 26 Nosler, a 6.5mm cartridge, in 2013. Designed and Developed by Livings Digital, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. That sort of performance out of an AR-15 platform was stunning. Based on a .375 Ruger case necked down to .308, the .300 PRC cartridge has minimal taper, a 30-degree shoulder, tight freebore diameter and a built-in head-height advantage over other cartridges that allows it to seat long, heavy, high-B.C. The rifle does not have much recoil , I … My only complaint is that it does not feed cartridges smoothly from the magazine. It pushes same-weight bullets 200 to 250 fps faster than its Creedmoor sibling, and it does so with excellent accuracy while producing relatively mild recoil. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .223 Remington vs .243 Winchester ammo rounds. Possibly because of the similar performance and popularity of the .22-250, this round has never gotten a very large following. 224 Weatherby Magnum Produced 1963 This is the only commonly available varmint cartridge with a belted case design – a design usually reserved for larger cartridges. Since it’s based on a necked-down .300 Ruger Compact Magnum case, the cartridge holds nearly 30 percent more powder than the 6.5—but not so much as to be overbored and significantly shorten barrel life. Noting the rising popularity of the cartridge, Hornady introduced it as a factory offering in 2017, and the round has since taken off. The .224 Weatherby Magnum is a sporting cartridge that was developed in 1963 by Roy Weatherby after about 10 years of development. I looked at a remington 700 sps tactical and really like it with the 1:9 twist. The .224 Valkyrie SMK load stayed supersonic beyond 1,300 yards with the same barrel length. All of this and a beautiful little rifle to boot when chambered in the original Varmintmaster, especially with a 26" barrel, which I belive all rifles should have when chambered for a Weatherby cartridge. ... Weatherby VFN240WR6B Vanguard First Lite Bolt 240 Weatherby Mag $ 839.00 (1) Weatherby VFN653WR8B Vanguard First Lite Bolt 6.5-300 Weatherby $ 848.00 (0) WBY 6.5CREED MKV 22 FLT RC OUTFITTER DESRT CAMO $ 1,727.00 (0) Convention holds the .224 Weatherby and similar cartridges are better suited to long-range varminting. I have shot it, but tried to take great care, see photos. It is Drilled & taped for a scope & has a #2 contour 26in barrel. Just as the 6.5 PRC borrowed some design principles from the 6.5 Creedmoor, so did the .300 PRC borrow from those cartridges. Although the case is larger and the round requires a 6.8 SPC magazine, its rebated rim remains compatible with a .223 Rem. The case had no double-radius shoulder and—shockingly—no belt. of energy at the muzzle, it is far ahead of the .30-06 Springfield and .300 H&H Magnum. Related GunDigest Articles. Very capable of taking deer and has a soft recoil. In fact, you can think of the Valkyrie as a necked-down 6.8 SPC. Therefore, 5.56mm NATO ammo isn’t safe for use in a rifle chambered for .223 Remington, but .223 is OK in 5.56. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or j It also has an excellent trigger. .223 Remington.220 Swift.224 Weatherby.22-250... more in Knowledgebase. It also had its own unique case-head diameter of .429 inch, which was in between the head diameters of the .222 Remington (.378 inch) and the .22-250 (.473 inch). Along with Roy Weatherby's new varmint rifle came his equally new varmint cartridge. The cartridge was developed as a long-range hunting round and is often referred to as a “magnumized” 6.5 Creedmoor. 2000$ for all. Called the .224 Weatherby Magnum, it was the first pure varmint cartridge to have a belted case. [citation needed] It is a proprietary cartridge with no major firearms manufacturers chambering rifles for it other than Weatherby. The .22 Nosler is a proprietary, rebated-rim case with about 15 percent more case capacity and 400 fps velocity than a .223 Rem., but the Nosler retains the same .378-inch case head diameter as the .223 Rem. Also you must remember that it uses a large primer which could hinder accuracy slightly. The last time the shooting world saw so many new cartridges introduced in a relatively short span of time was in the early 2000s, when the short-magnum craze arrived. The ammo is a little more than 243 but its a good deer antelope caliber. Past 300 yards or so, the 6.5 PRC starts to outrun 7mm Rem. I believe most .224 Weatherbys were also built on a 1-14 twist barrel. This review of the Weatherby’s Vanguard HSP varmint rifle in 223 Rem was published in the SSAA magazine in March 2018. In addition to five loads from Winchester with bullet weights ranging from 150 grains to 265 grains, Hornady and Federal now offer a number of .350 Legend loads. THis rifle features a deluxe walnut stock, 24" high-polish blued barrel, monte carlo cheekpiece, and rosewood forend tip and grip cap. Mag. Consider the Winchester 95-grain .243 Win. The newest and brightest addition to the AR-15 family is a 5.56mm-diameter cartridge with more punch and long-range potential than the .223 Remington. With its heavier bullets, the .224 Valkyrie is a viable deer cartridge, as demonstrated on this Texas whitetail by Federal Ammunition’s JJ Reich. Recent years have seen the introduction of a stunning number of new factory rifle cartridges, with each being heralded as the “The Next Big Thing” for hunting or competitive shooting. The 22 Nosler, introduced in 2017, was created for AR-15 rifles to improve upon the performance of the .223 Rem. bullets that are revolutionizing long-range shooting. It is Drilled & taped for a scope & has a #2 contour 26in barrel. The weatherby is quite a bit nicer stock and the finish seems a hair nicer than the Howa. As our photos clearly depict. 26 Nosler; 25 BR; 25 WSM; 25 WSSM; 25-06; ... 224 Weatherby Headspace Gauges Rental Price $7.00 . Weatherby, Inc. is an American gun manufacturer founded in 1945 by Roy Weatherby. It appears that it used to be 1:12, but then one of their websites showes a 1:9 twist for the .223. One of the first 224 made in Japan. This would help it obtain a highveloc… [email protected] He created the round with an eye toward duplicating the terminal effectiveness of the .30-30 Win., but doing so out of AR rifles using modern, high-B.C. .223 Remington.220 Swift.224 Weatherby.22-250... more in Knowledgebase. It is a proprietary cartridge with no major firearms manufacturers chambering rifles for it other than Weatherby. The .224 Valkyrie was designed for the long-distance shooter who wants to take the AR-15 platform as far as it can go. and 300 fps faster than a .270 WSM. Shoots great, fun gun, Mark V action is crisp and tight. Performance is similar to the popular .22-250 and the lesser used .225 Winchester putting it in between the .220 Swift and .223 Remington cartridges. Ackley; Plaza Publishing, 1966, ASIN B000BGII48, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=.224_Weatherby_Magnum&oldid=986206187, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 12:54. According to Winchester, the cartridge delivers more energy than a .30-30 Win., produces softer recoil than a .243 Win. But you must remember, 224 Weatherby brass has a bolt face size that is somewhere between a 223 and a 243. Conclusions. Generally speaking, a .308 Winchester rifle can safely fire both .308 Winchester and 7.62x51mm NATO ammo while you should not fire .308 Winchester ammo in a rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. Varmintmaster 224 Weatherby Mark V Description: This is one of the few, most Beautiful Weatherbys on the market. Very accurate with the cheap Weatherby factory ammo. BUY NOW. Serial S8027 has a 24-inch barrel with banded front ramp sight and banded rear sight with fixed serrated blade. These targets will handle rugged everyday handgun use … The .224 Weatherby fMagnum (5.56×49mmB) is a sporting cartridge that was developed in 1963 by Roy Weatherby after about 10 years of development. This rifle shoots 0.5 MOA group using 55 gr Sierra blitzkings. I also shoot .223 and 22-250 but .224 just scratches that long range low recoil itch better. Compared to the .300 Win. BUY NOW. Deer Season XP load versus Hornady’s 103-grain 6mm Creedmoor ELD-X load. There was also a demand for better-performing cartridges for AR rifles, again with longer, sleeker bullets. Various calibers. That particular load, with a HPBT MatchKing bullet, remains supersonic to about 1,300 yards. Made in West Germany on a miniature six-lug Mark V-style action, this spectacular little rifle weights just 7.4 pounds with the scope attached. It also had its own unique case-head diameter of .429 inch, which was in between the head diameters of the .222 Remington (.378 inch) and the .22-250 (.473 inch). 90 grain sierra match kings from a 26” Weatherby would be irresistible. Find a Dealer Description Ballistics Reviews(1) Description. .224 Weatherby Magnum loads: Warning! Launching a 140-grain AccuBond bullet at 3,075 fps, the round is faster than most other 6.5mm cartridges and delivers 1,500 foot pounds of energy at 500 yards.

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